underground mining excellence

Case studies

Agnew (Goldfields)

With access development below mine call, Barminco reversed the situation to deliver to Agnew (GoldFields), productivity improvements through increased output and cost reduction within one year.


  • Gold Fields' 180,000 Ozpa Agnew Gold Mine in operation for 20 yrs.
  • Contract with incumbent contractor expiring in 2Q 20.

Shotcreting and Development

Barminco generates production efficiencies by reducing the number of jumbos required by 67% from three to one and by increasing the development rate by over 160%.
The overall result was a reduction of maintenance costs and the achievement in the life of the mine support.


  • 1.2Mtpa West Australian gold mine at depths to 1300 metres below surface.
  • Access development rate required of 350m/mth.

MMG - Dugald River

Barminco's high speed development at the Dugald River project achieves new development record and puts project 30% ahead of schedule.


  • MMG's Dugald River project in Northern Queensland is one of the world's largest and highest grade known undeveloped lead-zinc-silver deposits.
  • Barminco was awarded a two and a half year contract to advance the project’s two exploration declines and establish production levels and other infrastructure in February 2012.

Owner Miner

Barrick Gold achieved a substantially improved cost performance as a result of a 29% improvement in development advance which in turn extended its mine life after appointment of Barminco.


  • Top 3 world gold miner, typically owner operator.
  • Kanowna Belle, 100,000t/mth West Australian gold mine at depths to 1200m below surface.
  • Development rate achieved of 310m/mth from 3 jumbos (120m/jumbo inclusive of paste development) impacting on mine ore production capacity.

AGA - Moab Gold

Barminco applied experience and innovative drilling techniques to deliver a complex drilling program proving it is possible to steer the direction of a hole to hit a small target.


AngloGold Ashanti’s Moab gold mine in South Africa is one of the deepest mines in the world. Complex drilling capabilities are increasingly required at underground projects as ore bodies are progressively located at greater depths.

Mincor Resources - Otter Juan

Barminco’s directional drilling techniques help realise the true potential of the Otter Juan reserves in the Kambalda Nickel District.


Mincor Resources, Otter Juan nickel mine has by far the biggest ore system yet discovered in the Kambalda district (Western Australia) with over 300,000t of nickel metal produced since the early 1970’s. 

LEAN Improvement Program

Introduction of Barminco’s LEAN program in mid 2012 increases development and production performance. First site records improvements of 20% and 30% respectively.


  • LEAN Program introduced in 2012 to optimise all facets of the Barminco business.
  • The program standardises business systems and instills a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organisation.
  • It focuses on addressing variances on an ongoing basis with appropriate corrective actions and reviewing major causes of downtime to develop Root-Cause analysis projects for developing permanent solutions.

Diesel Emission Management Setting OH&S Best Practice

Barminco is at the forefront of setting the standard in Health and Safety best practice and production efficiency.


  • Diesel particulate matter (DPM) produced from Diesel Engines has been identified as a major H&S in underground mining.
  • Its ultra fine particles are a complex mixture of chemicals such as black carbon, metallic ash and sulphates which can be very harmful.
  • Existing solutions can monitor, manage and treat the larger particle fraction of DPM relatively effectively but DPM can occur down to 5nm (nanometres) and at this size, health effects are greatest, but monitoring and treatment can be difficult.