underground mining excellence


At Barminco, we manage our impact on the environment and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

We are committed to playing a leading role in achieving a sustainable future.

  • We believe in effective environmental control and make it an integral part of our operations. We understand the impact our business can have on the environment and focus on mitigating any potential impact through ongoing employee education and the preparation of an environmental impact study for all sites.
  • We work closely with our clients on environmental issues of mining. We develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive environmental management plan for each operation, focusing on continued improvement and the adoption of best practice.
  • We design, operate and decommission all sites and associated infrastructure in a manner which avoids any adverse environmental impact with a goal to re-establish each site to a safe and stable condition with all environmental, heritage and conservation values intact.

Since our inception over 25 years ago, Barminco is proud to hold an unblemished track record, clear of any actions by any environmental protection authority.