underground mining excellence

Occupational Health & Safety

At our core is safety.

Safety takes unconditional priority in all our business activities. We strive to be the market leaders in setting underground mining safety standards across the globe. We take pride in our safety performance and the culture which is instilled into every aspect of our business. Our performance consistently improves so we may achieve a Zero Harm workplace for each and every employee.

'Safety first. Safety foremost'.

The members of Barminco’s management team demonstrate leadership in their commitment to safety through active and visible involvement and support at site level.

  • At all levels, we monitor and track our performance.
    • Site based safety personnel gather centrally for meetings each quarter to discuss industry best practice, new initiatives and to benchmark themselves against industry standards.
    • Management teams meet regularly to review performance.
  • Employees are continually being coached, developed and trained.
    • Standards and processes are in place to ensure all personnel receive the training necessary to complete their job safely and without exposure to hazards.

Barminco has entered into a partnership with a Registered Training Organisation and the majority of training and assessments are mapped to national competency standards.

Barminco actively pursues continuous improvement initiatives that deliver results. Examples include:

  • improving identification, assessment and control of risks,
  • improving communication processes to provide an open, transparent and responsive culture,
  • encouraging a positive reporting culture,
  • improving the detail and effectiveness of incident investigation processes,
  • providing comprehensive rehabilitation and injury management programmes,
  • developing performance monitoring including regular safety reviews, audits and inspections,
  • leading indicator performance monitoring, and
  • in field visual leadership program.