underground mining excellence


Barminco is unmatched in safety, speed and efficiency in mechanised development mining.

At the heart of Barminco's underground mining business is mechanised development mining; specifically high speed mechanised hard rock mine development services and jumbo drilling using electric/hydraulic jumbo drills.

With the development of larger, more mechanised and efficient equipment, decline access mining is proven as the optimal solution for many mines. The key to this method is the rapid development of the decline, enabling early access to and mining of underground reserves.

With over 25 years of expertise in the management and operation of jumbo development projects, Barminco's state of the art technology, people and jumbo drilling equipment delivers the highest productivity and quality of finished product attainable to each client.

Barminco development jumbos are equipped to the highest standard to provide our operators with improved safety features and a premium working environment. Our jumbo drilling operators are the best in the industry.